Saturday, September 8, 2012

Studio spring cleaning

The cleaning in the studio is going well but slow as I’m sorting through all the UFP’s, I keep come across experiments that I did a will back and I can now see where I can expand on them and take them in a different way. This pile is getting very large.

The garden is a different story and an on-going one ha-ha but it will not beat me.

Acrylic paint 
10" x 12" Boxed Canvas

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spring is Here and a New Broom

Ok it’s the 1st September and that means is spring here and it’s one off the nicest days we have had in a long time blue skies and fluffy white clouds

So im going to start my spring cleaning with a week of cleaning out my studio and workshop and getting the garden in to shape

Its hard looking though all the UFP’s and deciding which one to carry on with, which ones to pack away for later and which ones are beyond hope and mead to be recycled.   

mono/type relief print
Tea and Black Ink 
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