Monday, February 20, 2012

A Need to get Dusty

I had a great urge to get my soft pastels out and have a play with them this morning seeing as I have neglected them for over a year or so. As I spent last week walking around galleries, gardens and park I decided to take them outside and play plus it’s too hot in my studio to do much work in there. In doing so I have found a renewed respect for the artist who go out and paint wildlife as I found that the beggars just will not stay still long enough so I can take my time and do then justice haha.
So this is a soft pastel of a duck swimming done very quickly I got the shape down fast and just looked and guested the rest but I still think if they just stayed still long it would make life and painting a lot easier haha.

Soft Pastels on burgundy Fabriano pastel paper (9"x 11")
Feb 2012

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